okay so

my school’s music building is about three seconds from my dorm

so when i don’t feel like carrying my entire trumpet case (which is REALLY HEAVY cause it’s FULL OF CRAP) there, i just take my trumpet out and bring it on its own

which is all fine and dandy, except the other day before practice i realized i really needed to go to the bathroom but i had just locked my door and i didn’t want to go back in and put my trumpet down then come all the way back and get it again because then i was already running sort of late and there wasn’t anywhere i could lay it down without feeling super weird so……… on the stall door……… this might havehappened……..

It has just occurred to me… that because my school has a pep band that only performs in one or two informal scramble halftime shows a year… I’m actually not in a marching band anymore… so technically I shouldn’t call this my marching band blog… or tag all of my posts as “marching band”… GOSH THAT’S SAD IT FEELS LIKE THE END OF AN ERA

I miss my trumpet section from high school something fierce and I’m still feeling sort of young and awkward in this band but MAN DO WE LOOK INCREDIBLY CUTE HERE

 My college has a poster sale at the beginning of every school year, and when I was buying a few things from it the other day, I realized that they had little packs of comic book-themed playing cards. I decided, on a very excited impulse, to buy a Thor deck for my little sister— partly because her nickname is Thor, but mainly because she just joined our high school’s marching band this year and when I was in band, playing cards was one of my most beloved traditions with fellow band members. :)

Whether we were playing in airports at band trips, whiling away class periods that finished early, or engaging in the Wednesday tradition that I remember with the utmost of fondness, passing the hours hanging out in the band hallway after school until practice started at 6, cards were ALWAYS the best option for passing the time, bonding, and having ridiculous fun…

So it seems like a bit of a random gift, but it’s honestly coming from a very sentimental place and I really hope this deck of cards comes to mean as much to my sister as mine did to me! <3

Over the summer I was talking to a friend about how exciting it would be to go back to our high school’s band camp and visit all the younger kids, and at one point I made a joke that I wanted to burst in as a surprise guest later in the week so I could look like a really big deal and force them to roll out a red carpet for us. We giggled about it… and then started thinking about how earnest and willing and obedient our little upperclassman were, and how much they looked up to us, and how we could probably actually convince them to buy a literal red carpet and roll it out when we came to visit…
Luckily we didn’t actually end up being so superior, but it was pretty fun to know that we had that option. ;)

Visiting band camp over the summer, my friend was so excited to see a boy who she’d taken under her wing as a cute little baby freshman, who had gotten a bunch more mature-looking over the summer.
As soon as the band got a break from the rigorous marching drill they were doing outside she raced up to him, threw her arms around him in a hug, and screamed out “OH MY GOSH, YOU GOT SO HOT!!!”
… She was literally referring to his body temperature, since he was super sweaty from being outside all day, but it was still a pretty funny misunderstanding. XP

QuestionOk so I'm in marching band lol I play alto sax. But what is the the most funniest story while you were riding the band bus? Answer

Oh gosh, it’s hard to choose! So many band adventures… but I think this is a pretty good one. :P

I was actually on a different bus on the time but I hope this still counts!

So it was my freshman year band trip and we were driving from New York to Atlanta, which took about 15 hours and was sorta ridiculous. Obviously that involved driving overnight (we made stops for meals and gas and driver changes and stuff like that, but for the most part just kept trucking), so there was one point on my brother’s bus where it was about 5 in the morning and everyone was fast asleep.

All of a sudden, there was a humongous yell from the back of the bus: “MOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!”

Turns out my brother was having a dream that he saw our mom on the other side of a crowded room and was trying to scream out to her… but he was actually yelling it out loud!

Right away everyone on the entire bus woke up and started looking around frantically for the person who’d disturbed their sleep… and my brother tried to blame it on a boy in the back row who had gotten really sick earlier in the ride, claiming he was having fever dreams.  :P

The kid sitting next to him quickly sold him out though… and even years later upperclassmen who were on that fateful ride were introducing him to their friends as “The Boy Who Cried Mom”. XP

My school’s pep band has weekly “pep lunches” where we all get together in the cafeteria and eat together. At one of those lunches, I met a boy who had a sullen look on his face as the girl next to him teased him. “I promise I’ll be good!” he was insisting.
“No way, I know where this is going to end,” she laughed.
Curious, I asked them what was going on. He sighed and explained to me that he had been the biggest band geek in the world in high school and was excited to branch out and try different things in college. Band was still an important part of his life, so he was still going to be in the pep band— but that was all. He wasn’t going to let band completely define him again.
… Until he lowered his eyes guiltily and admitted that he had also auditioned for the wind ensemble and made it in and had to take that opportunity, and then a friend had convinced him to join a small clarinet ensemble, and the jazz band was looking for new members so he’d decided to try out for that, and he may have accidentally even joined a music fraternity…
I think that was just the perfect example of once a bandie, always a bandie… hopefully you don’t want to escape because, well, it’ll be difficult. XP

So the other week I went to the first of my school’s weekly pep band lunches, where all the bandies just meet in the cafeteria and chill with each other for an hour over sandwiches, and I met a lot of really cool people and had a lot of fun telling jokes and listening to stories and the food was even delicious and all around it was an awesome time… but the conversation I remember most prominently now was the one about ridiculous hypothetical bonding events, including a slumber party at our campus’s haunted English building and a game in which we get ten band members to go to Wawa in the middle of the night, nine of them completely sober and one totally drunk, and all start acting ridiculously shit-faced and falling all over ourselves, forcing bystanders to guess which person has legitimately been drinking… I don’t know, it seems like a fun time to me. ;)

Instead of a legitimate uniform, all my school’s pep band has to wear is a rugby shirt in our school’s colors, and then everything else is left to us. This is the total opposite of our high school band with its heavy overalls, stiff jackets, complicated cuffs and cummerbunds, requirement of long white socks and long white underwear, perfectly-polished white shoes, various pins and decals according to age, rank, and what parade we were playing, necessity for girls to tie their hair up, and those unwieldy shakos (which, in addition to the plumes, also had to contain a baseball cap folded up inside, just in case we spontaneously decided to switch headgear)…

When I told my mom that the rugbys for freshmen hadn’t come in yet and that to our very first game (at a stadium holding 75,000 people) we only had to wear anything green or yellow, her immediate reaction was “THE HIGH SCHOOL BAND MOMS WOULD HAVE A HEART ATTACK.”

…. Yep, I’d say so. x3;;